Why short man must not have sex with a woman looked taller or older than him? Because if he does, he must lose his own "Young.Gun.Zhi.7". That how my evil boss Dann 酒店打工y Lain lost his "Young.Sin" after he had sex with an older female dressed animal wh 保濕面膜o looked much older (That older woman looked old enough to be his mom, therefore, no way for him to recove 苗栗旅遊r his "Young.7" back; if he is younger than his wife in the same birth cycle, he and his wife can rely on best will not to have sex to r 賣房子ecover his "Young.Sin" back even they may have sex before. This may explain how come old time many Chinese parents like to marry their son to a 酒店打工n limited older woman as early as possible, because Chinese parents used to give birth out of sex of lie, therefore, their birth must not afford to lose pure virgin t 21世紀房屋仲介o the end, therefore, they on purposely have him to marry an somewhat older woman as early as possible, so that both of them can have that best will to keep sex free life after they finish 小型辦公室ed "傳宗Jay.Die" [That how man must not ever have sex with anyone <That how man who lives in the wild, has nothing to do with read and write, may have sex with that horse, because that horse can carry 燒烤him and know better than him to bring him every where he wants to go.> who is less good than him; that how woman must not lie, because woman lies must have no way to be better than any man.] duty for the family and have en 辦公室出租ough time for both of them to recover their virgin back.) than him so obviously showed up along with him on a MarJohn table.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 土地買賣  .

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